An Interview with a Dapper Gal

I've known Elise for a few years now. She's funny, sweet, and truly one-of-a-kind. Shooting with her was an absolute blast. I mean, this image was captured after all...

In between shooting locations, we saw the perfect opportunity for a laugh. It's probably one of my favorite "true" moments of a shoot yet. This is the true embodiment of Elise. She was all smiles for her shoot, even while travelling from point A to B. 

After the shoot, I interviewed Elise about her experience. 

1. Did the photoshoot and photographer meet your expectations?

    "Yes she did. She was open minded with how I wanted the photoshoot to go, helped give me ideas of how to pose, and helped give opinions on what outfits looked good on me for the theme." 

2. What was your favorite part of the shoot?

   "My favorite part would be having the opportunity to pose in my own style. This experience gave me the chance to express my own fashion in a professional photoshoot, along with having a photographer who has an open mind to how the photoshoot should be done based on my theme."

3. Would you ever want to do a shoot like that again?

  "Definitely. I would love to have more photoshoots of other outfits I put together for my fashion blog."

4. How did you feel when you first saw your session pictures?

     "I was amazed by how beautiful the shots came out. Kate did a beautiful job making sure that every picture was high quality. Every picture had a perfect amount of focus. It was amazing to see how clear the shots came out."

5. Would you recommended, Kate Koenig Photography to a friend? Why or why not?

   "Yes, I would highly recommend Kate Koenig Photography because she is open to any photoshoot theme and can always make it work. She is also very encouraging to her clients so they feel most comfortable with posing and giving out their ideas for the photoshoot."

6. What kind of photoshoot would you like to do in the future?

   "I would want to do another "dapper" photoshoot for not only my fashion blog but also having another opportunity to model in my own fashion."


For a day, Elise became a dapper model.  Together we looked through her outfits, picking out the right ties and bowties, the right pants and shorts for each location, it truly was a customized session.  With a few laughs in the beginning and some gentle coaching, she became so natural in the photos and was enjoying the process.  

I can't wait to do another stylized shoot!  I can only imagine Elise's face when she sees this blog post. Except I don't have to imagine! 

And as this blog post comes to a close, I leave you all with the dapperest of dapper GIFS