Welcome to my first blog post! This is all very new and incredibly exciting to me. I'll start off by saying that I'll be blogging here and there, more during school breaks and during the summer months. It will be a sporadic blog for a while but I hope to fill it with interesting posts! Now, to business....

The idea for this blog post came to me as I was shifting through the countless files on my computer from recent sessions and those from the very start of my journey with the intention of filling up this site.  When you're an artist and you see your old work, it can bring about a series of emotions and responses ranging from embarrassment, pride, anxiety, astonishment. As an artist you constantly grow and mature alongside your work. New life experiences, better techniques, more hours, and more experimentation help add a little extra umph It's a long process to get to this point, but looking back past all that embarrassment it's incredible to see how you've improved from then/now. The greatest thing about this improvement is that the process never ends. You, as an artist, are constantly improving. 

As with anything, a great photograph and a great photographer are not made overnight. This is the peak into my journey. Here's hoping I don't cringe too much!  First stop....the early years


What is this picture? I can barely tell between the horrible filters and general unfocused nature of the image. This was a tree in my front yard that bloomed gorgeous flowers every spring. This was my first venture into photography around 15~ this was the age where everyone was putting sappy quotes on everything. Dark Days.  

As soon as I was given my first camera which took the above two images, I was trying to take a picture of Everything, everywhere, every second. Oh, is that a shoe? Let me grab my camera. Oh, is that a bird? Let me attempt to get  1/4 of it in focuses. Oh, is that the lamp outside? Let me stand next to it and take a picture of the floating light. Yikes....

I was constantly taking pictures of everything, especially myself since I wanted to practice on people. Often when inspiration hit, I was alone so I became my own model (if that's even what I could call these). Notice the purposeful blur and poor choice in selected color.  

I made the same mistakes over and over again in terms of editing. Too many filters, too much editing in general, poor focus. It was bad, but I'm impressed to an extent as these were taken on that point and shoot, and I was often guessing at the right settings as I clicked the shutter button. 

I really loved this when I first took it. It had everything I ever loved or needed, a cat. It's not great, but it was a challenge as the kitty would move around. My first cat ever photographed! 

While plain, the first one is loads better than the second one. I was working to get this over produced look. Poor lighting, too many filters, oh...Father forgive me for I have Photo-sinned. 

I asked my little brother to throw snow over me from the deck as I stood under. This is the start of my creative endeavors, true start of my photo experimenting. Obviously the quality was poor due to the point in shoot camera and other factors, but there's something here that makes me smile. Probably the lack of filters. Straight outta camera.  

I tried. I did. This was within 6-8 months of me receiving my first camera. If I had this flower, my photo editing know how, and techniques i know today all the way back then, this might have turned out nice and be one of my favorites. 

Like I said, I was taking pictures of EVERYTHING. (This scent is lovely by the way).

I don't have the original copy anymore so the true quality has diminished. This is the first piece I was truly proud of. It is also my first image published in a magazine! I was around 16. 

The quality is improving slightly (still shot on a point and shoot!) as my skill and general photography understanding was improving. I loved this location and the image itself. Its not perfect at all (also not the original file) but I can see the beginning of my photographer's eye developing here. 

My first and only trip to NYC. I was obsessed with taking a photo every second. What I remember most about that trip was how excited I was to have the opportunity to photography a city like NYC. 


Already such an improvement from the first image. 

My first attempt at a sunset looked more like a forest fire. 

This was around a year after my point and shoot was gifted to me. Once again it's not the original file so the quality is diminished. This was a lace curtain I experimented with to try and get an almost a "bridal" look. 

I loved the dramatic images and tried recreating them on my own. I learned so much by practicing. 

Still liked quotes a lot....

I experimented more and more with both editing and subject matter. 

I joined my high school's photography club which gave me so many opportunities to practice. Are these the best? No, not at all. But I do have a soft spot for them.

Also for photo club. 

I really do love masquerade masks. A better attempt with selective color. 

This signals the end of the point and shoot era and the beginning of the Beginner DSLR era. After this, I don't become professional, I'm not the best, I may not even be good, but it's the start of the process to refine my abilities to get there. 

This picture is a lot better than it looks. No not because it has some deep meaning, but the original has been lost to me sadly. This is the download of an upload of an upload (the next few are also of the same origin). My first photoshoot with a dslr. Beginning of the period of rapid growth. 

I do wish I had the original of this. Ah well. 

Improving a little bit each time...

So much better than the other one. There is a clear horizon, sky, and surroundings. 

Self-Portraits are getting not so...horrible. There is a lot of learning between these shots. 

Conceptual is born. 

While I had several point and shoot pictures published in teen magazines, this was my first image published in a professional art magazine. One of my favorites, and I think no matter how much I approve, I will always love this. 

Then came the protests and events.

Also published in a professional magazine. Much love to it. 

Again a huge improvement from the last floral piece. 

My very early "logo" this was one of the last pictures on my second camera, my first dslr. My camera, Sophia (the DSLR), died a little after this image was taken. It wouldn't be a year later until I acquired my next DSLR. 

This is one of my first images after going a year without a camera. 

My first beach photography. I know the more that I do it, the better I'll be, but I think that I'll always love these images. 

You don't have to read all the captions to see the thread weaving throughout all the images and how improvements were made little by little. It's not easy and it takes time, but the reward is so worth it. 

Years from now as I try new equipment, continue to experiment, and work on my craft, I'll look back on a  photo I took yesterday and be blown away by how much I've improved. 

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post!