My name is Kate and I'm a photographer! I started my photography journey at age 16. I was gifted my first camera and from that moment, one has rarely left my hands. Photography for me is more than just a hobby and a job, it's a passion, an artistic outlet, and a rewarding challenge at each and every photo opportunity. I love being able to tell stories with photographs and having the ability to capture a moment that will last long after that moment has passed. 

I started out my photography with floral and landscape work. The natural world has always been an inspiration to me. There is so much beauty all around us. I love being able to share pieces of that beauty through my art.  After my floral and landscape work, I began photographing senior portraits and stylized shoots. (Stylized shoots are some of my favorite. An aesthetic or theme that the client and me work on together. It's unique and fun!). My next venture was conceptual art. I love the creativity that comes with it and the ability to tell a story. 

Since then I have expanded into other fields including children, family, couple, and pet photography. In the future, I'd like to get into boudoir as well. 

I am always open to business inquiries! 

My Story

In December 2018, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. While at Pitt, I studied English Writing (Fiction), History (European), German, and Children’s Literature.

Over the last five years I’ve lived and split my time in Chicago and Pittsburgh. As of December 2018 and my graduation from college, I am a full time Houstonian!

Besides Photography, my other passion is writing. My dream is to continue writing books and managing my own photography business. 

Some fun facts about me! 

  • My favorite colors are lilac, rose gold, and burgandy

  • I'm a complete History nerd (if you couldn't tell by my major)

  • I shoot Nikon

  • My photography has been published in several magazines

  • My writing has also been published

  • My first novel was 626 pages when I first finished it (Crazy!)

  • The Harry Potter Series, The Eragon Series, and the Pendragon Series are some of my favorites

  • I grew up watching a Star Wars movie almost every week

  • I’m an animal lover and love cats and dogs

  • Travel photography has become one of my favorites to shoot

  • I’ve traveled abroad and photographed Ireland, Northern Ireland, Vienna, and Victoria, Canada

  • I’ve traveled within the States to Seattle, Juneau, and Sitka

  • My dream places to photograph are Iceland, Japan, Thailand, Norway, and to return to Ireland!

My Philosophy

My aim is to capture moments that are natural and beautiful.  

Stay Tuned for new content and a few special projects I have in the works! 

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