The Hodgepodge Blog

These are all the photos that I couldn’t neatly add to any particular blog. The photos range from random street shots, photos from a Gaelic Football match, one of my favorite home cooked meals I made, and the student apartment kitty, Sebastian. The captions under the photos will explain anything that isn’t clear!

I loved cooking in my student dorm. Lots of fresh salmon dinners!

Poor quality phone pictures but I wanted to introduce this little fellow. He was there for about a week into our trip. He was the apartment cat in the reception that was so friendly. His name is Sebastian. I was planning on making a whole blog post about him but he disappeared after a week. 


Fun Fact: This Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square faces his boyhood home. Our literature class came to Merrion Square to read Wilde's short story, "The Selfish Giant". 

Statue in Merrion Square

Another statue in Merrion Square

As part of our literature class, we went to the theatre! We read part of Ulysses in class. I loved being able to see it in person. 

The stage!

More drinks at Jameson. 


The bartender was a hoot. He helped arrange drinks so I could get a cool photo. 

Pitt students went to a local chocolate factory, Butlers Chocolates. 

The cooling machine. 

Last day of classes celebration

Outside of Croke Park!

Pitt students had tickets to a Gaelic Football match. It reminded me of football/soccer/basketball/volleyball all in one. 

I unintenionally wore Dublin's colors for the match. 

Fans leaving the match.

A pint after the game at The Brew Dock. 

Sláinte! A blurry photo from our goodbye dinner. 

Cheers to our Summer 2018 program!